The Scientific Committee invites you to submit abstracts to be considered for inclusion as oral and poster presentations during the Congress.

Abstracts can now be submitted by sending an electronic copy to from 1stNovember, 2017

You will need to:
1. Give the name and email address of the first author to whom correspondence will be sent
2. Add the names of the co-authors, name of the institution, city and country (Position of authors is not required)
3. Give the abstract title. The body of the abstract should not exceed 500 words. Please use Arial 14 pt, black
4. The Scientific Committee will only accept original scientific material
5. The abstract is to be submitted in English or French. A translation of the abstract will be appreciated.
6. The posters will be presented and discussed during the course and an award will be given to the best poster
7. Graphics, pictures and tables are not allowed in the abstract
8. Please adopt the following structure for your abstract:

  •  Introduction or background,
  •  Aims,
  •  Methods
  •  Results
  •  Summary, discussion or conclusions

The abstract and poster should only be relevant to the following theme of the course:

1. Maternal, Foetal and Neonatal Clinical Transfusion Practice
2. Quality Management in Blood Transfusion Services context
3. Blood Establishment Computer System
4. AfSBT Standards and Accreditation
5. Immunohematology, Cellular Therapy and Immunogenetics
6. Capacity building in Blood Transfusion Research
7. Essential organizational structure for Blood donor recruitment and blood collection
8. Management of Blood Transfusion Services

Deadline for Abstract acceptance will be 15March, 2018.