About Arusha

Arusha city is located in the north-eastern corner of Tanzania. It was founded by German colonialists when the territory was part of German East Africa in 1900. It was named after the local tribe Wa-Arusha, who are also known as Larusa by the Maasai. Arusha is a home to approximately 1.7 million people where about 740,442 live in the urban area/city (NBS Census 2012), making it the third largest city in Tanzania. The population growth rate is tagged to the national average of 2.7%.

Arusha city is a global tourist destination and is the center of the northern Tanzania safari circuit. The city is surrounded by several national parks and reserves, but predominantly, at the close proximity of Mount Kilimanjaro the highest free standing mountain in Africa, approximately one hour drive from the city center, Ngorongoro Crater where surprisingly humans coexist in harmony with the wild, and the Serengeti National Park which is a home to thousands of wild animals, including the fascinating wildebeests and zebras migration. The three were recently declared among seven natural wonders of Africa, making it the best safari destination in the world.

A few miles away from the city, you will find the Mererani mining site, where the Tanzanite gemstones are found. The jewel that is 1000+ times rarer than diamonds are only found at the footsteps of Mount Kilimanjaro in the United Republic of Tanzania.

One of the most popular dishes of Arusha is Nyama Choma, a northern Tanzanian barbeque dish. Nyama Choma is properly served with a side of Pili Pili sauce and a cold local beer or soda. Indeed, Arusha has always been on the list of the must visit places and the destination of choice to many international travelers.

How to Get There

The city of Arusha, our host city is serviced by Kilimanjaro International airport which is also serviced by the following International Airlines and several domestic/regional flights. A few airlines shall land in Dar Es Salaam (DAR) with a one hour connecting flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). JRO is ten hours flight from London, five and half hours from Dubai, seven hours flight from Amsterdam, four hours flight from Johannesburg via Dar Es Salaam.